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Just a few things...

Posted by tenshiyaki on 2011.10.25 at 23:48
Hello~ Seems like this community hasn't been updated in a while but I got a few things I'm trying to get rid of so here we go!

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Annual Fabric Sale

Posted by roxiefaye on 2011.07.03 at 21:02
It’s time again for my annual fabric clear out sale! Lol

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mild-mannered alter ego
Posted by magickalmolly on 2011.04.15 at 18:53
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I'm having a virtual yard sale over in my journal, including four large lengths of fabric. Prices are only $5 to $15.

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Please reply to this entry (or at my journal) if you're interested. Thanks!

knit fabric giveaway

Posted by sundancekat on 2010.11.26 at 21:33
Planning to move cross-country (again) in a month or two, so I have a LOT to get rid of.

Everything in this post is knit fabric, but this includes stuff like vinyl and fur. (In the near future I'll be posting a LOT of woven fabrics, but that may be a couple weeks down the road.)

Price: It's all free, all I ask is money for shipping.

Shipping cost: I have a bunch of Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate boxes to get rid of too, so here's how it works: each box is $11.00 to ship ($10.70 plus a little to cover the Paypal fee and make it an even dollar amount), and I'll cram as much fabric as I can into each box. I'm good at cramming those boxes.

If you're outside the US, I can ship these boxes for $27 to Canada/Mexico and $44 to everywhere else.

Or, if you're in LA and would prefer to pick it up from my place (similar to how Freecycle works-- pick a day, I leave a bag for you on my doorstep and you come get it), I can do that. In this case the fabric would be free, since I don't have to box and ship it. I'm in the West LA area if you're interested.

Due to my school/work schedule I can only drop off packages on Mondays, Saturdays and Sundays. All other days the automated postal thing is shut down by the time I can get to it in the evenings.

All sales are final/no returns. If you're worried about the package getting lost, I can insure the package, but it's an additional $1.75. (Insurance to Canada is also $1.75, everywhere else is $2.50.) Otherwise, if it gets lost, there's nothing I can do.

All fabric comes from a smoke free, pet free home. You may get a piece or two of my hair though...I have long, long hair and it tends to get on everything. Sorry in advance. ^_^

If you want any of this stuff, leave a comment with the numbers of each fabric that you want, and I'll let you know how many boxes I can cram it into/how much it will cost/where to send the money/etc.

I'm a 10+ year eBayer with 100% positive feedback and Etsy seller for a few years, so I'm not gonna take your money and run. I just want my apartment free from junk before I move.


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AP magic1

Black Fabric Needed

Posted by chiichick on 2010.10.12 at 09:35
Current Location: United States

I need to actually buy some fabric today and I was hoping someone on here would be willing to sell it to me.
I need so little that it seems silly to go through an online store as well as the fact that I either need it within two weeks OR need it
internationally shipped.

I need 2 yards of plain black fabric.
It DOES NOT have to be cotton, and in fact I specifically don't want just cheap broadcloth

Otherwise I am very open minded!
No velvet, no satin please.
I just need a black fabric with no sheen. 
I am using it to make this skirt

Thanks so much!

typing Chi!

Fabric and patterns for sale! 25% off!!

Posted by countess_lenore on 2010.08.07 at 11:27
I have some large pieces of fabric and some uncut patterns for sale over at my selling journal. Everything is currently 25% off the marked price (shipping not included, until 8/14), so please check out what I have to offer! Thanks!



My selling journal-cl_sales

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Fabrics for sale!

Posted by terra_firma on 2010.08.06 at 19:56
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Current Music: Radical Dreamers-Unstolen Jewel---Chrono Cross OST
Hi everyone! I have a couple really nice pieces of fabric for sale at good prices.

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Thanks for looking! For other costuming items (such as complete & partial cosplay costumes, wigs, shoes, a corset, petticoat, vampire fangs, thigh-high socks, floppy socks, and even a great digital camera), please feel free to check out my sales post HERE on my personal LJ! Have a good weekend :D.

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Looking for Steve Burns fabric

Posted by neuroticred on 2010.07.23 at 11:19
A la Blues Clues. My husband is going to be Steve for Halloween, so I need enough to make a long sleeved polo shirt - I think 2 yards would do it but will happily take 3 off your hands.

I was hoping not to have to sew the stripes together, but I don't think I've ever seen fabric like this at the main stores. If you have a jersey or comfy cotton in minty and dark green I can do my best with that.

Any help would be appreciated!


Closet cleaning.

Posted by hailo on 2010.07.23 at 00:37
Hey all~
Making space in my room and found some pretty neat fabrics I'm looking to get rid of. Feel free to ask me any questions about fabrics.

Please note all fabrics were photographed in direct sunlight. Some colors are darker than they appear, by one or two shades. I've tried to mark those as such. All fabric comes from a smoke free environment, but I do have a cat. I'm trying to keep shipping low, and prices marked do not include shipping costs. Thank you!

Numbered for your convenience.

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Monthly Fabric De-Stash bump

Posted by coyoterose on 2010.07.01 at 13:48
It's me again, Margaret. There are some new fabrics up for grabs at my shop:


There is no account needed and you can pay securely with Paypal or Google Checkout. Thanks for looking! Cross-posted everywhere.

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